Sunday, November 13, 2005

Back home and British musicians.

Well, I am coming back down to earth now and still very much thinking about the wonderful folks in Swaziland. You'll hear very much more about Swaziland and some plans to really help the foks out there.

I played a couple of great tracks from a wonderful sax player; Rob Hughes - his link is here and listened to a mind blowing guitarist; Paul Rose - you can catch his podcasts at his site - link here - Both are VERY worthwhile sites to look at, I urge you to check 'em out. Support British music and British unsigned music - keep music LIVE !

As ever, if you like these guys ( I love 'em - they're superb ) send them a mail and tell 'em you appreciate them. Lots of hard work and effort go into creating the great music, as well as blood, sweat, tears, and money. Wel done boys - you're both great ambassadors for the UK music scene. Great to know you.

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