Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BBC National Radio 5 Live interview

On Monday evening I attended the swanky new BBC studio in Birmingham City Centre and sat in a remote studio with a direct feed to the BBC National Radio 5 'Up All Night' team in London / Chris Vallance in California.

I have to give all credit to Chris again - he's such a good bloke and a great professional, he knows the right questions to ask and is very careful not to edit out audio so as to detract from, or compromise the original message. The MP3 link can be downloaded here

I'm realy pleased to tell you that the donations are starting to come in - over £200 (about $350) - that will make a great difference alone, but, I'm sure we'll do even better before the end of the year.

Hollow Horse got a mention in the interview - Ken is still really supportive and generous in all he does.

...and the generosity of folks who continue to donate blows me away - THANK YOU EVEYONE.


Ian 'Stevo' Stevenson said...

Hi Paul
Ian here from Hollow Horse (The guy that hits the drum skins)
Kenny has been enthusing about your site and the Swaziland appeal and insisted that I visit. I have just listened to the Radio 5 interview and must say that it would take someone with a very hard heart not to be moved by the plight of these kids. Also, it's one thing to talk about doing things to help but I raise my drumsticks to guys like you that actually DO something about it.
When Kenny asked the rest of us for permission to donate the track to help the appeal the answer was an instant and resounding 'Yes - of course'. It's good to give a little something that we love and I hope that it's of some benefit to you in your campaign.
All the best with the appeal and I hope that you get all the support that you need and deserve.
PS - I made a small donation and downloaded the track, just in case I lose my CD and have nothing to practice to (LOL).

podcastpaul said...

Hey Ian, thanks for the lovely comments mate.

I'm a drummer too - my Pearl Masters Custom and Chad Smith Snare are a very well played piece of kit ;-)

Cheers on the front of the appeal!

Colin Meeks said...

I just go made my donation for a copy of the track. Mind you I've got both albums. It's easy to say, oh I can't afford it, or I'll do it later, but sometimes you just have to pull your finger out and do it. A few quid is such an insignificant amount on it's own, but by the podcasting community pooling together, it soon mounts up.

Anyway keep up the good work Paul and thanks to the band for helping this all to happen.


P.S Paul. A review will soon be forthcoming, so watch your Ps and Qs :-)

Rowley said...

Donated with pride.
It's great that Hollow Horse have released the mp3 for this appeal.

Ian 'Stevo' Stevenson said...

Sounds like a lovely kit Paul, any chance of a loan of it? Didn't think so!
I've got a bog standard Pearl Export kit that hasn't been out of the cases for about 4 years....
Bought myself a red Roland TD10 kit that is just so good for playing in the spare room without annoying the neigbours. I don't think you can ever beat the real thing but it's just so impractical practice wise. I've used the TD10 when we play live and although i'm still getting used to balancing the sounds it's starting to sound pretty good. It's so funny when people see it, and you can just tell that they think it will probably sound pretty poor, then when we start playing - boom... there's a full drum kit flying out the speakers and you see the suprised look on their faces. Well, it amuses me at least.
Take it easy.

podcastpaul said...

I've played a TD10 for about three years too Ian - I like the mesh heads but I HATE HATE HATE the hi-hat and particularly hate the cymbals. The Snare is pretty responsive, though nowhere near the dynamics of an acoustic .. I ove playing centre to rim and feathering (the Toto, Rosanna feel). The Bass drum and toms are prety smokey though.

I found the kit a bit of a pig as our sound man always went for a CD mix, rather than a live feel - and you can never emulate that. I hated playing with a foldback too as I love to 'feel' the rumble through the drum stool - I see you can actually buy a rumble stool now.

I just don't think you can ever match the real thing - and yes - honestly, if ever you gig down here, I'd be delighted to loan the kit to you.


ian 'stevo' stevenson said...

Hey-Heyyyyy Paul
I too hate the hi-hat ;-{ although the cymbals aren't too bad. I keep trying to move things on the kit to prevent crosstalk triggering but I still get the odd rogue sound now and then. I was considering checking out the TD20 as the hi-hat is on a normal stand with top and bottom hats. I still don't think it would sound good enough though so I am also considering buying myself a decent mic and then using my 'acoustic' ??? hi-hats. I spotted that 'thing' that you stick to the bottom of the drum stool, but it just seems a bit odd. I'll stick with sitting next to my Mackie subwoofer - that gives me plenty of rumble.
I'll get on to Kenny about that gig as I would love a go on that kit of yours.