Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hello from Swaziland!!!

Well hello there from Swaziland! 11 hours and 30 minutes of flight into Johannesburg and 4 hours of driving into the most breathtaking and beautiful country I have ever seen.

I'm busy recording and have some astonishing audio - unfortunately the camera I ordered from the net hadn't arrived by the time I'd departed, but I am begging and borrowing digital cameras from all ove the shop.

It's a humbling experience - the people here are phenomenal. The children I met at the orphanage were just the loveliest kids I've met. Sadly each and every one of them has a tragic story behind them.

At the moment, I'm simply using an internet cafe - I don't have long so can't tell you too much - but, hopefully, I will have internet access on Saturday - wifi apparently!

The podcast info I have is just mind blowing - seriously, don't miss it.

By the way, I'm staying in a traditional homestead - i.e. a circular mud hut - it does have running water and electricity though: luxury!

Speak to you all ever so soon!



Anonymous said...

sounds pretty cool, p.s. your images dont show in feeds section :| guess thats microsoft for you, you have a great holiday


Martin GD said...

Looking forward to hearing the audio Paul. Full of admiration for what you are doing there buddy.

Green Dragon