Friday, November 25, 2005

podcast 89

Listen to the podcast at this link right here

Fantastic music specially selected (and all passing the quality control test!) from :

Fluid (via Magnatunes)
Paul Rose
The Swaziland Teen Challenge Choir
3 Blind Mice (from the podcast music network)
Hollow Horse
Rob Hughes

Usual banter from yours truly!

In this podcast I come back to the traditional music and banter mix - I'm dead chuffed with the cracking selection of stuff - judge for yourself.

I'm really quite concerned about the increase in yob culture with extended drinking hours - what on earth are the government thinking? What an utter, utter nonsense.

Crackpot thinking from the archbishop of Canterbury and lunatic pc tosh from a Headteacher who really needs to get with it.

You can't miss it... no really, you can't!


3 Blind Mice said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for being brave enough to play our music "blind", so to speak. And thanks to Adrian for his recommendation!

podcastpaul said...

Hey chaps! Loved doing it actually - Adrian was a good bloke for reccomending you. Corking track - and I loved the real Genesis retro feel.


Colin Meeks said...

A not forgetting a pending review at Indie Launchpad :-) You might want to check the site out Paul as we seem to have very similar tastes. By the way thanks for introducing me to Hollow Horse.


podcastpaul said...

Hi Colin - wow! What a bril site - keep it up, I'll definitely be checking your site out on a very regular basis.

I love serious reviews on music - so I'll be checking the site whenever you review.

Well done fella!