Sunday, November 06, 2005

podcast 88 - Despair that turns to hope in Swaziland.

Workers at the Orphanage preparing the roof on one of the huts.

I'm really pleased to put up this show as I am anxious for as many people to hear this as possible. PLEASE pass the web address to your family and friends so as many people as possible can get to hear about this tremendous work. In a world that is so uncaring and unfeeling, this really does give you hope and restore your values in human kindness.

To listen to the show please download the MP3 direct from here. If the show does not play within a matter of seconds, simply download by pressing the right click of your mouse and selecting the option "save target as..". This will enable you to save the file and listen later, at your leisure.


Martin GD said...

Once again Paul a very insightful PodCast. Truly remarkable work that is being done out there and I'm sure I speak for many people when I say thank you to you for reporting via your PodCast. After listening to your interview with Kevin I was left with tears running down my face, hearing about the abuse, and then a broad smile knowing that there is hope for these children because of people like him.
Well done again Paul.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great New Layout! - Love it.

colskee said...

Hey Paul, these swaziland podcasts are great...and I've not even checked out 88 yet. Particularly loved The inteview on 86 with Kevin on becoming a man...and the role of women inthe community etc. Excellent.

Loved the Ska track (about the coffee beans ) on the chilled edition.Rob's sax track was cool too.

Will listen to 88 from home as this firewall makes the cast's hang too much! Enjoy the rest of the trip. Great to see you're getting stuck in and not being a cheezy tourist :))

Anonymous said...

great shows fella.

I was listening at the time while browsing in a mobily shop in town and got a nice suprise when you gave me a mention - brought a big smile to my face. btw, I do like the keyboard/sax mix :D

Thanks again for the great shows Paul. The swazi casts are really good.