Friday, January 13, 2006

Podcastpaul/ JukePodJury number 2 with Adrian Pegg

Adrian Pegg joins me for the second JukepodJury show.

Wonderful music, as ever from:

Cheryl B Englehardt - Complacement Pretending
Hair of the Dog - Mike Viola
Gerry Wall - Your Fabulous Life
Melissa Forbes - Broken Wings
Satya - Silk Route

Adrian's Link for Gerry Wall is here

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Phil said...

Another great show Paul, congrats on breaking Adrians podcasting duck!

(Poor duck)

Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

great job adrian! sometimes people aren't able to pull off the co-host thing very well, but you two had no troubles. fab show! thanks paul!

podcastpaul said...

cheers Hilary, you'll have to co-present one with me.

Bernadette from Australia said...

Great show. Great music (my favourite was the Mike Viola track) but Paul I am concerned about your inability to eat chocolate without embarassing yourself. It really isn't that difficult.

Paul said...

Another great show Paul.

Looks like Adam Curry has stolen your sign-on mate. Just heard him on DSC 317 saying "Good morning, good afternoon, good evening where ever you are".

podcastpaul said...

..I heard that yesterday!

Apparently copying someone is the greatest form of flattery.

I honestly don't think for one moment he did though mate, I don't think he ever listens.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

My brother found your podcast doing a trawl of the net and he sent me the link. I really enjoyed your show, and of course I particularly liked your comments on my song "Broken Wings". Thanks for your support!

Melissa Forbes
PS did you know I used to be a lawyer?
PPS my stuff will be available on iTunes soon