Saturday, January 07, 2006

Podcastpaul - it's here, JukePodJury with Rowley Cutler.

I've waited ages for this day and it's finally arrived! The inaugral podcast of JukepodJury is right here - download the MP3 file here
Please feel free to put any podcastpaul comments here - but be sure to leave your comments on the tracks specifically at the jukepodjury blog

The music played today is:

Berman (from PMN)
DJ Haylock / Rob Costlow (from PMN)
Koopa - direct from band website
Reactor - direct from band site
Soul Basement (from PMN)


Thom said...

Great show! Thanks Paul for your hard work and I’m excited about the interactive feel to the thing. Listeners responding will no doubt give the bands a boost. Rowley was a great first guest and also generous because I can hear his hard rocker soul coming through.
Looking forward to more guests and more music. As they said on American Bandstand here in the States back in the 60’s, “great beat and easy to dance to- I give it a 10!”

Here are my ratings:
Koopa: Mini Skirt- Great power cord intro, very 80’s big hair with a touch of current rock flavor, catchy hook, great music to get me to the beach on a sunny surf day. Score:7

Berman: All Comes Down- Very Emo, slow opening followed by a wall of sound. Singers voice is well suited, tight sound especially the bass, well mixed a little heavy for me. Lyrics to think by- maybe a band with a statement to make. Score: 9

Reactor: Electric Love- Obviously great musicians, not my style but great nonetheless. Late Beatles (good observation Paul). Good mix, lots of effects that either get in the way or make a more full sound. You could listen to it many times and here something different every time. Great accompaniment for some performance art or coming down from a rave I suppose. Score: 7

DJ Haylock: Return To Flat Rock- Instrumentals always evoke pictures in my mind, like a sound track for my own private movie. Futuristic. Score: 5

Soul Basement: L-O-V-E- Early 70’s Detroit. I could see Diana Ross singing this song a little better, was she flat on some spots. Maybe Beyonce meets 70’s MoTown. Great to chill and drive or to set the mood over dinner. Score: 6

Looking forward to other shows!

Colin Meeks said...

Hey Paul, cracking stuff, looking forward to seeing the actual website update. It would be great if you could find some kind of survey software that would allow you to vote on all the tracks simply. It could also show you the average rating too. I'm sure there's something out there that could be easily integrated.


Paul said...

I have just done a quick search and found this free survey site.

Don't know how good it is, but I am off to test it now.


Paul said...

Cooper 8/10

bpende said...


I realized - after hearing PodCast 96, that I didn't come here and comment. This was a great start, and I'm looking forward to MANY more.

I sent my daughter over here, so that she'd hear some of the music that you're recommending, and maybe she can use it on her show.

BTW... my ratings were 7,8,6,4.