Wednesday, July 19, 2006

podcast 118 - it's been a long time...

Download the podcast MP3 right here (simply right click and press "save as")

- Hello from Paul and Sue on 18th July 2006
- Summertime by Brother Love
- It's hot hot hot!
- All the fans were sold out in Makro!
- Mobipod
- My Sat Nav and endless gadgets
- Sue is tired (for a change)
- Endless Summer by Causeway
- I remember as a kid the long hot summer of 1976 and plastic sheets for 6 weeks
- The six weeks holiday for kids is endless, and a complete nightmare...
- why on earth are kids bored?
- The Dangerous book for boys
- Jan Linder Koda, Just what I needed
- I hated Libsyn, now I love it!
- More space,more podcasts, better quality - and that's a promise..
- My trip to London tomorrow
- Some great stuff planned, with some amazing people.
- Seeing Jonothan Ross's agent tomorrow
- Watch out for Adrian Pegg's interview with Mark Hunter
- Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Jonny Copeland - the moon is full


Martin GD said...

Glad to hear you've got your Libsyn account sort out m8. They really are the good guys.

Loved the Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Jonny Copeland track

Why are kids bored? Because they have forgotten how to use their imagination. It's all done for them now. All their senses are being stimulated artificially by modern technology, leaving their brains simply as an input channel with no or little output capability.

Goodness I sound like my dad :)

Anonymous said...

Colskee's back!

and he gave you a shout out, he faded but now he's back.

Jason Manc-Oxford