Tuesday, July 25, 2006

covert entries in my pocket pc...

this from Sunday evening....

I'm using the pocket pc again, this time at my brother in law's wedding. Sue is strutting her funky stuff and I'm sitting by the now infamous wedding cake... made entirely of cheese.

Castigated for compiling my email and charging my list of tasks for the next week here in the corner of the room, I have to admit that weddings aren't really my thing.

The day itself has been lovely however, Gavin and Kim are a smashing couple and have a very nice and diverse group of friends, all shades, creeds and from every point of the spectrum in every way.

Wedding parties (celebrations) are things psychologists must have a field day with. It's interesting to just sit and observe folks...depressingly you see the same things at any function:

- kids running around in circles
- a fat uncle, drunk
- elderly folks cupping their ears to be heard over the music
- someone crying / emotional ( usually induced by drink )
- someone dad dancing, blissfully unaware
- an obese person with their plate piled high
- 12 year old girls desperate to look 19
- some women the wrong side of 40 desperate to look 19 ... I call these women pork scratchings dressed as mutton...
- the list goes on.

I really am looking anti-social now,so I'll sign off – cracking wedding though!


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Colin Harman said...

lol , the geeks there in us all, its just how much we show!