Saturday, July 22, 2006

pocket pc.

I'm writing this entry on my pocket p.c

The pc transcribes handwriting and that's how I'm making this blog entry.

Its been a funny old week and I'm glad the weekend is looming .

The weather has been blistering again and I'm craving the cold air.

Listen out for Adrian Pegg's interview with Mark Hunter over the next few days.

I'm getting cheesed off with the transcriber now so I'll wrap it up.

Here's a pick of the satnav on the pocket pc coming back from London.


Iatros said...

The world that PocketPCs have opened to us is unbelievable.

I remember dreaming about this type of technology when I was just a kid :)

Nice pictures btw

If you like, you can meet up with more PPC Users over at, we'd love to have you :)


Andy Taylor said...

Do you not know your way back from London?

Kaddy Thomas said...

Who took that photo? The parrot on your shoulder?

Paul Hopkins said...

Believe me, he needs satnav. I've been in the car with him and had to give directions from church to his front door. And I'm blind!