Monday, February 19, 2007

I like this one.......

This really made me smile.
A similar thing happened when Jack was a baby. I remember being woken from a Sunday afternoon snooze by Sue's screams. I'd been napping on the sofa in the living room at the time. Jack had manged to open a huge tin of red paint, hook it around his foot and navigate a small grand prix circuit crawl through the living room, into the hall around into the kitchen and back into the living room again.

I seem to remember there was paint everywhere, all over the carpet, sofa, table, hall, kitchen floor and just about everywhere else. It was horrific at the time, but I smile now.

I love two things about this picture:

1. The cheeky grin on the lad standing in front of the TV, he knows he's done wrong, but seems very proud of his handiwork. I've no doubt he's the culprit.
2. The body language of his young sibling - and the stripes on his head.

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