Friday, February 09, 2007

Podcastpaul podcast148 - memories, music and mania

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Podcastpaul 148
Jamaican Intro: hello!
music: Plastic Soul Band - Tokyo, PMN- Chairman Mao crossed with the Commitments?! Great raw sound - love 'em!
Music is such an individual thing tailored to memories.
Michael now influenced by modern dance music - awful
Rachel - "Old Skool" - hardly! Awful plastic drumm and bass or drag and drop music - no brain required
I'm into the skill of a musician & musical integrity
I do realise that my memories are coloured by songs from my past. Ghost town by the Specials, the first album by Van Halen, Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics, the list goes on. Tonight I souded like my dad, and he even commented that I sounded like that. I still love the idea of creating a soundtrack to your life - the movie track of Paul Nicholls.
Andy Baker - Best man! bril!
Katie Davis - Movie. PMN
Really sad news from Swaziland - Swaeli has been seriously injured, fractured skull, smashed up leg. Mercifully the 10 kids in his van were spared. Swaeli was airlifted to South Africa and treated - at huge cost.
Wonderful win at court recently. The job is certainly telling though - I'm dead tired.
Looking forward to a good break away, the weather here has been vile
bonus surprise track: see if you know it ;-)
Tomorrow I graduate (again!) Quite looking forward to that.
Further terrorism nonsense here in Birmingham. 9 muslims were arrested for the alleged plot and planned murder of a muslim soldier. The local muslim community has suggested racism. I find this astonishing,
Sky Like Static - Nervous Energy PMN
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