Sunday, February 18, 2007

podcastpaul podcast149 from the Dominican Republic

Download the MP3 of Podcast 149 here


More haste less speed! The feed was entered sightly incorrectly, accordingly it wouldn't load. What a nuisance.

Anyway, here we go, from the Dominican Republic, podcast 149, take it away boys...


BSquared said...

Hi Paul (and Sue it was nice to hear you again)

Still listening down here in Oz. Like you I love visiting the rest of the world but I'm always glad to get home

Paul don't bother reading the Clinton bio. Hopefully someone will one day write the real story but this one is very airbrushed. I wanted the hours of my life back when I finished.

Thanks for reminding me how great George Benson is. Gotta go dig out my old CDs.

Cheers, Bernadette

podcastpaul said...

hey Berni!

Glad to see you're still about old mate.