Sunday, October 22, 2006

podcast135 - with Monte Silver, my caravan and loads more..

Download the MP3 of podcast 135 direct from here
- show notes: PodcastPaul podcast 135
- Hi from Paul
- Mr Lovely - Beth Thornley
- Cracking film for recommendation - The departed. Leonardo Di Caprio is usally a bit wet, he's - cracking in this Martin Scorsesi movie. Matt Damon has one expression and has a forehead like a tin of Spam.
- Ray Winstone has a ridiculous accent. Actually spoils the film a little.
- The James Bond film looks great; Casino Royale. I still can't see anyone else as James Bond apart from Sean Connery.
- One for Clinton Gallie in Wellington; New Zealand
- I am not afraid Majek Fashek
- Mobipod - what is it?
- segment - Monte Silver.
I love gadgets and things I really do - my PDA is on the blink though and I've broken my MP3 recorder - though I've got it working in a Heathkit manner as you can hear.
Where are things going?
The mobile phone really will be the one mobile device - the internet the main home centre.
podcastconupdate loads happening - email box pinging constantly
fantastic keynote speaker
some news even as I'm producing the show seems to be an excellent event
Bill De Rome - The Sundial
I bought a caravan!
Ten things we didn't know last week.
Please send in your mail - and look at the blog.
Last Hurrah - Blame Amy, courtesy of Piggyback Records
- all music from PMN apart from Last Hurrah
- send a mail to see you!


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