Sunday, October 15, 2006

podcast 134 History Boys, Sex Pistols and bag loads more...

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Delphinium Blue - Beautiful

Human league vibe with a very Scritti Politti and Frankie Goes to Hollywood feel.
Funny how fashions and vogues come around. Mike, Chris and Jack have Pogues, Ramones and Kiss Tshirts. They've never even heard of them!

Great film for review: The History Boys, screen version of an Alan Bennett play. very 'Dead Poets Society'

Fantastic film set in the early 80's in Sheffield, working classes attaining to Oxford status - reminds me of a much better Billy Elliot. very sexual undertones but nevertheless a great, gritty film - very classy in a working class way.

God Save The Queen

from Wisconsin - I'm apparently the first show to play them - Oasis, Beck, Genesis, Led Zep and the Beatles. Great earthy sound - love the groove. Great tight sounds - beautiful choppy gutsy guitar. Only downside for me is the one bit of profanity - shame as that may well exclude it from a lot of playlists. It's a good idea to do a radio edit - or "squeaky clean version" - shame if a song gets excluded.

God Save The Queen - by the Sex Pistols. I STILL don't get them. They were rubbish. pawns of their time - no doubt about the fact that they were a massive influence from a desperate time.

Watching the X Factor tonight - irritates me. So much seems to be about the look and the presentation. What a load of old pony. Listen to Ruby Turner's voice - then look at a picture of her. Look at Reg Dwight, aka Elton John.

I wish they'd have an X factor for amazing musicians - check out Tony Royster Jr. An absolutely amazing drummer.. Kids need more than boy bands now. I'm introducing Christian to Alex Acuna, John Bonham, Buddy Rich and Jeff Porcaro

The Shakes & Lady A - Liberty Jones.

Great version - but the original is fantastic. Looking forward to meeting the boys at Podcastcon - 18th November - London.

I'd be ever so interested to know what your first record was. Mine was.... well have a listen to the show. I remember buying it from Woolworths for 50p. I also seem to remember buying Abba - Super Trouper too... Do you remember your first record? I remember buying Magnum II on Jet Records 1979 and playing it until it wore out. I also remember sitting and listening to every drum riff by Kex Gorin and religiously trying to copy 'em.

Next to Mine - Folio

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Adrian Pegg said...

My first record was 'My Sweet Lord' by George Harrison. Remember that?

stupod said...

I was 15 when I bought my first record.

My first was "Like to get to know you well" - Howard Jones.

... I loved the record, gave it a couple of plays but for some bizzare reason gave it away as a gift to my girlfriend at the time. This goes to show that I turned mad very early on in my life :D

As always, a cool show fella.


thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

1st record?...
my first tape i bought was robbie williams- ive been expecting you (how emmbarassing
my first cd was americana by the offspring
and the first 7 inch was 13 by forward russia

podcastpaul said...

I remember Adrian's and Geoff's really well. I do rememebr my sweet Lord, one of the songs a novice can play really well on the guitar as it's in 'G'.

I loved Howard Jones - top bloke, I actually have the 12" of 'Like to get to know you well'. 'New song' was a classic.

Robbie Williams, Jude? now THAT is embarassing....

Martin GD said...

OK OK so I'll come out of the closet on this one. I'm well know for my eclectic taste in music and playing such a diverse selection on the show but I have to confess the first record I every bought was.................... Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys ... there goes my street cred :)

Anonymous said...

Green Door!

Skakin Stevens

Sad but True

Jason (Manc - Oxford)

Anonymous said...

I think my first LP i bought with my own money was "Let There Be Rock" by AC/DC.