Thursday, October 05, 2006

podcastcon looming...

I am SO looking forward to the podcastconference in London on 18th November.

If last year was anything to go by, this year looks absolutely fantastic.

Visit the site to have a look. CC Chapman has just confirmed his attendance, I'm looking forward to meeting up with him, and seeing Mark Hunter again. Are you coming along? I'd love to meet up with you if you are, 'specially if you're a listener / reader.

Just 7 weeks or so to go!


thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

wow, i would love to go meet some podcasters who put me and my puny podcast to shame, unfortunately, at the moment an unexpected trip to london is pretty mutch out of the question

podcastpaul said...

No worries Jude, we'll get to meet up soon mate