Saturday, October 07, 2006

podcast133 intelligent music and chat - not for the great unwashed

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Hi from Paul!
Delphinium Blue - Joy
Nostalgic feel with the music tonight.
Reminds me of the Equaliser - all the music from that series was by Stuart Copeland - exceptional drummer with Police
Many of the old 80's tv I miss - Cheers, Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Only Fools & Horses.
Misplaced - Warmbodies - very Radiohead.
Much made about Jack Straw - were his comments misplaced?
Crossing into the boundties of 'muslim discussion' again...groan.. Incredible to see how diplomatic folks are with their comments about this
My uncle had a cross ripped from his neck in Saudi Arabia and was threatened to be killed.
Long live diplomacy eh?
Where do you go - Sigmon
Ask Adrian Pegg - I had a text from him saying "Snake Charmers rock!"
His web says he's in Udapair - where? Apparently India. What IS he up to?
prepping for the show with Charlotte Church - gorgeous girl with a mouth like a sewer
Watched "Extras" - absolutely superb, if in the UK watch it - Thursdays BBC2
Be there or be square!
Podcastusermagazine - 9th edition out now, check it out, looks great.
Flooded by Twinego

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Adrian Pegg said...

Hi Paul,

I can't tell you too much about it but you'll see what I've been up to next January on Channel 4 - on a new series called The Search.

It's great being able to listen to your show from many thousands of miles away.