Wednesday, October 04, 2006


podcast 132 download here.

For some odd reason, the feed didn't work last week, I'll send podcast 132 out again.

Hope you're all ok, I'm just back from uni, tired, but happy. I seem to be ever so busy, more than ever before, but I'm strangely upbeat. What's the converse? I'd hate to have nothing to do, simply sat night after night in front of the TV.
The only thing I seem to watch on the tv presently is 'lost' - and that's just ended. Apart from catching the news headlines I just don't watch the thing at all.

I find I do my best thinking in the car. I wondered if I could do without the TV. I really believe that I could, you know. I love BBC Radio 4 news in the morning - Lost, I'm sure I really could do without.

The net is absolutely something I could NOT do without. I use the net for podcasts mainly and that's my leisure time - saying that, I've not listened to a podcast now in a week. I'm just too busy, and enjoying the kids, work and study.

Speak to you all soon



Tom Goskar said...

It's easier that you think to do away with your TV. I did it 7 months ago and have no regrets whatsoever!

The only annoying thing is when people keep asking "Did you see so-and-so on the telly last night?". It takes some getting used to, more so that not actually having a box in the first place...

Bernadette from Australia said...

Ya know Paul life was certainly cheaper when I listened to radio...I rarely wanted to buy any of the music I I'm buying CDs all over the place thanks to you and your podcasting mates...I'd quite cheerfully buy everything from this week's show

As for the telly...I'm like you...rarely watch it any more...I keep it for the occasioanl time I want to veg out in front of a movie on DVD, my other half watches a bit of live sport and the nices and nephews like to watch disney if they stay over...other than that it's a dust gatherer