Sunday, October 29, 2006

podcastpaul podcast136

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PodcastPaul podcast 136
Hi from Paul
Hello from Paul in Birmingham -
Upside Down - Bob Gentry - this guy has a great voice!
We really are all over the place - cases all over the shop
Rand purchased - flying to Johannesburg on Monday
Gunn - A night in Milan.
Stocking the Ipod with bits and pieces - and taking the lap top
Send your audio comments please, would be great to hear from you
Must see film - The Guardian absolutely fantastic!
Ashton Kutcher
Melissa Sagemiller - bit of a minger.
Can't wait to see the new Bond movie - Casino Royale
Howard Jones - Building Our Own Future.
I loved Howard Jones! Like to get to know you well, what is love, New song etc...
What happened to Jed?
I was in the HJ fan club, I really wanted to get a jacket like his - wrote into his fan club.
Touring with ABC - a hugely underrated band of their time. Lexicon of love has to be one of the defining albums of the 80's, along with Dare (Human League) and Faith (George Michael). Beauty stab was a brilliant album but dived. When Smokey sings was an incredible song. Martin Fry still a great singer.
Jeremy Carr - just one night
what should we expect in Swaziland?
PLEASE keep your eye on the blog and your ear to the podcasts - I'll be recording as much as I can for you.
Hoping to see some of the faces from last year
Muttley - 6 going on 16...
maybe some BBC coverage.
Not on the radio - Geoff Smith.


stupod said...

have a good trip mate.

see you soon


Bob Gentry said...

man!!! thanks SOOO much for the great words and for spinning the song!!
Shout ANY time!
Bob :)

podcastpaul said...

Chers Geoff - see you in a couple of weeks fella.

Thanks too Bob, great voice mate!

thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

Recording on sunday morning! what was i doing on sunday morning? i was sleeping, and maybe eating. The normal thing. well, in my opinion anyway. maye its the reason why im so tired all the time. or does that not make sense...