Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Net Talk - your input welcomed.

The guys at Net Talk have offered me a weekly slot on streaming net radio - cheers boys!

Ross tells me that they can get half a million or so listeners so that sounds excellent news eh?

Net Talk will be aroud at Podcastcon - streaming some bits and pieces (broadband willing) so hopefully many more of you can attend virtually for some bits and pieces.

I'll be doing an hour long talk- related show as well as the podcasts and this made me really think.

I'd love to get your mp3 and email comments on stuff - wherever you're from. You can mail your audio or even use he 'Mychingo' icon on my page at

I'm collating some bits and pieces on some topics I want to explore, and I'd love your comments, (no matter how diverse) on the subjects.

I want to look at the below comments - so if you've got some comment, please send ASAP to me either as above, or by mail at

topics for discussion:

1. Gadgets - we all have em, when will it all stop? Where will we be in, say 5 years?

2. TV - what is the future? (one for you Adrian). We're lucky here in the UK with the BBC (or are we?) Are the present models sustainable?

3. Travel. Here in the UK, the roads are heaving, congested and incredibly expensive. Tax is on the increase and the only alternative is public transport. How do you get to and from work? Are you satisfied with the costs?

4. Podsafe music. Is it all it's cracked up to be really? Have you purchased something on the back of lisening to a podcast? Do you listen to all podsafe music / mainstream / oldies / mixture?

If you send audio - please aim for about 2 mins max per subject. Comment on one or more of the subjects if you wish. Don't feel as though you need to keep within the perameters of the dsicussion as set out above.

Please do comment - I'd love the show to be as interactive as possible. I'd ideally love a world perspective on stuff too, so, grab a mike, or tap those keys!




thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

So paul, are you lookingfor a rant on bbc or on the some of the great and downright naff music from the pmn? Because i can do rant quite easily

Adrian Pegg said...

Half a million listeners eh? That would be over the year then, presumably.

Good luck with this Paul, although I really can't understand why you would want to do it. Maybe you could record it and put it out as a podcast too ...

podcastpaul said...

Hi Adrian, it'll be a podcast too, I always planned it as that and quite look forward to the challenge too.

I'm staying entirely independent btw, I'm not being paid for it.

My usual show will be done usual, I won't ever give that up!

Jude: rant or praise away!

ChasCreek said...

looking at their forum and the small number of people on there I would think there are way too many zeros in that 500,000 listeners.
I think Adrian's in a year' might be being a little too kind as well!