Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog entries on the PDA....

Handy things, these PDA's, here's an entry I made a few nights ago:

I'm back on the PDA and in bed at the moment whilst penning this.

I'm multi-tasking, listening to my mate; Paul Parkinson on the Ipod with his show; The Flashing 12.

Harry has just come into the bedroom, having had a nightmare, so now I've relocated to his room so we can both get some sleep.

Paul recently returned from the Podcast Media Expo, which by all accounts was a great success. I'm dead excited about the forthcoming Podcastconference in London.

There's mainly a great buzz and excitement about the conference,but the odd whinger asking why they have to pay the meagre sum of £41.50 for a ticket to an event in central London. The mind boggles, it really does. I'm attending a half dy conference in provincial Manchester at a ridiculous cost of £250!

The whole thing is non profit making and there's no other reason apart from the fact that the three of us setting this up love podcasting. No-one else is doing this over here and if we don't do it, there's no other function.

It never ceases me how, and/or why people moan. If the event isn't a success, there's a four figure liability for three of us. Why do people complain?

Anyway, you get the picture and I'll stop moaning now. I'm too excited to dwell on it!


Anonymous said...

If you fancy a pint in Manchester let me know?

Jason - Manchester - Oxford

podcastpaul said...

Jason - for sure - next time I'm up north, I'll let you know. I'm often up in Burnley.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - let me know nearer the time and best wishes for your visit to Swaziland

Jamie Riddell said...

Hey, Jamie from Cheeze here. Looking forward to Podcastcon. We have picked up the official sponsorship tab for this so hopefully that liability is going down a little :-)

Looking forward to seeing you there.


podcastpaul said...

Jamie - thnks so much for your support mate, the coneference is shaping up to be something sperb, I'm seriously looking forward to it.


podcastpaul said...

ahh.. my typos are beginning to get worse.

More haste, less speed Paul!

Anonymous said...

Paul you shouldn't take the comments about £40 entrance fee so personally. Why aren't others entitled to their opinion, like you are yours?

It's all about value for money. I would rather give the £250 towards your charity efforts than £40 + £70 Train + £90 hotel + Food + Drinking Money, to spend a day with some dubious charaters who all seem to be bitching at each other all the time if Britcaster is anything to go by.

If the podcastcon gave off a more positive vibe, then I, and many others like me, might feel inclind to risk it, but it is being presented as a room full of egotistical geeks at the moment - not vibrant trend setting cutting edge media early adopters types, which it could be.

It isn't any wonder that Adam Curry is wiping the floor on the commercial front and making it worse by rubbing our noses in it at the same time! And YOU sent him that flippin' cow bell!

I can't afford that kind of cash at the moment, and I very much doubt I would get value for money if I did. You might be excited about the forthcoming show, but from where I'm sitting the contributors from Britcaster forum are making it look as dull as dishwater!

podcastpaul said...

Shame you can't be bothered to log in with a proper name, as I don't take anything posted anonymously seriously.

It's probably better that you don't come. To suggest that you wouldn't get value for money is laughable. £40 for a central London conference with Lunch thrown in not good value? Hmmm. Sounds like you really either need to get real, or more likely stop hiding behind the thin veil of anonimity.

I challenge you to put the £40 to the AIDS charity then as you suggest, that is a VERY worthwhile cause. The Paypal badge is a link at the top right hand corner of the screen. I won't hold my breath.