Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love dear old England

I have just watched the first part of a stunning adaptation of Elizabeth I, featuring my favourite actress; Helen Mirren.

I have to say that I am passionate about England. I am fearful of an integrated Europe and stand firmly against the idealistic federal state.

I am passionate about our Monarchy and am tired of the same old arguments that I hear that are often poorly constructed, and ignorant of why we have a monarch in any event. That's not a post, it's a lecture. It's our fabric and foundation of our great unwritten constitution that we have a soveriegn, trust me.

Britain is a place that enjoys cultural diversity, but we have, to my mind become far too liberal. I cannot understand why we tolerate freedom of speech that is really incitement to racial hatred. Here I'm talking about fundamental muslims.

England has stood on its own with a rich cultural monarchy, and, while Britons should be rightly proud of appearing to be a country that welcomes all - we must never erode our history and heritage.

It's very easy to suggest that we need to change, but when a system has been in place for a thousand years and copied throughout the world, is it right to bring in change overnight to satisfy the discontented?

It saddens me to see the influence of European Legislation, but, noting the dissatisfaction throughout the European Union of the majority, I'm glad that we here in the UK have a 'dualist' approach to Europe. Essentially, we allow Europe to influence our laws but retain the ability to remove ourselves from the dominance of EU legislation. There's a massive struggle between Europe insisting that is has supremacy and two major member states; the UK and Germany retaining the right to remove themselves.

I'll have to stop posting at this stage as I'll bore you reading this. I do want to firmly stand on the side of a country I love and stand an be counted.

I remember feeling touched at seeing the US flag throughout Indiana and Kentucky, and seeing folks stand to sing their nationall anthem with real verve and passion. I wish beyond wish that we had that here.

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