Saturday, September 17, 2005

Milverton Wallace

A very articulate speaker. Milverton is chatting about education.

Milverton made the briliant point of the fact that great looking classrooms filled with pc's and great decoration doesn't get away from the model of the fact that it's still a classroom... kids can hang around the street corners with the iconic white wires listening to a maths lesson.

Back in 1992 Milverton was teaching the internet and the kids packed the class out - kids are smart and can see the future..

Teaching English as a second language is a great idea for podcasting - a real solution that can be utilised out of hours.

Trying to get teachers to adapt is problematic - but dealing with the culture that is mp3 players and ipods is something the kids will buy into.

apparently a multinational saved 30% on CD burning and distribution costs by entering into podcasting - and ease and speed of distribution too.

One large scale expirement - students were given an ipod - in Jan or Feb a review was given: results, comments and responses to lectures were seen as well as recording and distributing the podcasts. Whole learning environments were being created and the students flourished - Learning was accelerated too.

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