Monday, September 26, 2005

BBC Radio 5

I'm sitting listening to my laptop - Rowley from is on the train at 5.32am again - bless him. Weird to think I've been listening to Rowley for nearly a year.

I'm working from home tomorrow, that doesn't mean I'm dossing around, not at all..I'm acually exceptionally busy and have a really heavey workload on.

I have recorded a BROADCAST this lunchtime - no, i haven't misspelt that - I was asked bt BBC Radio5 National Talk Radio to record a slot 'for about 10 minutes' My guess is that they'll play 20 seconds or so from it, possibly, if they don't have anything better.

It was ever so odd to sit and do a show with 'dry' talk - no music, no backdrop, no sweepers, bumpers, fillers... It felt very monotone and I wasn't altogether comfortable doing that. I feel so comfortable now understanding the 'ingredients' to a podcast and the general feel and tempo.

You can check out the slot I did in a show later - probably tomorrow.

See you soon.


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