Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mark - Tartanpodcast


What a cracking bloke - very listened to podcaster and very well subscribed too as well.

great analogy - what do you hang on your wall - wallpaper and art.... very like the music. Top 40 music is the backdrop - podcasters make the music the art...

WHen was the last time we listrened to the radio and heard music that wowed us? probably a long time for many of us... however... podcasting is very different...

Mark is so obviously passionate about his music, it's wonderful to hear his excitement. He tells of folk at work who have listened to the music and visited the bands websites he plays.

Alastair Bishop is speaking on a video from West Glasgow about the brilliant impact that podcasting has had

Mark is talking about the podsafe network and why it's so good - talking about influences, genres and the fact that the bands have given permission to the podcaster to play material with prior permission

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