Monday, October 24, 2005

podcast no.85 - complete with shownotes!

click this link for podcast 85

Show notes; Podcast #85
www.podcastpaul.com00:00 Podcast intro
00:06 ‘Babylon’ intro
00:19 ‘Wet Myself’ intro
00:30: Hello from Southampton – MASS conference
01:31: Distances from home different to those in the US
02:25 Music Hot Rod Cadets – Sunday
05:11 Paul – talky bits – no blinking internet access at a 5 star hotel!
07:09 Slam Idol promo with Stephen Fry yes, Stephen Fry!! Blimey.

08:05 Paul falling off chair
08:25 My kids are hooked on Rich Vobes webcam and chatroom – 9 GMT most days
09:12 Where’s the blinking Hollow Horse competition results?
09:50 Music – Love One Another; Hollow Horse
12:52 What a corking band!
13:10 Podsafe music, commercial music – and old music..including a few seconds of Status Quo… Hawkind and Queen are great
14:21 I am not in love with Hollow Horse!
14:36 Punam Verma – make sure you play her music via the Podsafe Music Network
14:57 Jim Hastell’s article – via the BBC
17:35 Are we in a lazy culture? Thoughts from a visit in the US
19:45 Music Punam Verma – ‘One Day’
22:38 Barry White sweeper
22:56 PCP Sweeper c/o Skinny white boy
23:00 vote for Punam at PMN
23:35 Banned Freak show name
24:16 Newham Council fake police force
24:55 Australian Static
25:45 Romanian farmer damages his manhood
26:22 Email sweeper
26:38 Visit the blogpage
27:18 Swaziland Promo
28:21 Excited! Please play the promo if you’re a promo
29:38 We have things comfortable fortunately
30:00 Thoughts on the trip – excitement and trepidation
31:07 Send an email - sweeper
31:52 Dynamo’s rendition of Panic


Lewis E. Moten III said...

Paul, what was involved to setup the lyrics on this post? What software did you use?

podcastpaul said...

Hi Lewis

I didn't use any software I simply posted it...

I listened to the podcast again in one window and typed in Word in another.

I wish I could keep a straight face and tell you I made something up like "Oh, just a small programme I wrote...! "

Unfortunately, my tech skills are VERY limited, as virtually every listener knows!



Lewis E. Moten III said...

Ah yes, I see. I thought that you had perhaps stumbled upon a neat little program. You must have been really bored silly to put in all of that effort. Still a good job though.

podcastpaul said...

Actually Lewis, one of my old mates was working on a date stamp podcast show notes prog some time ago - I must contact him, as I did try out the beta prog, it did have a couple of bugs which I am sure were easily fixed - it was also a very good prompt.

It was actually quite easy to go through and type the bits and pieces as I do always listen back to the show for drop outs / bugs etc.

simontoon said...

Great show Paul. I loved your line about '...unable to use his organ - I never knew he played keyboards'. That was hilarious!
Thanks for playing my promo.

podcastpaul said...

I still want to know what the Red Hat of Pat Ferrick is Simon...

simontoon said...

No! Don't look for the Red Hat of Pat Ferrick, boy!