Saturday, April 01, 2006

podcast104, Podcast Paul - The best and worst of music...

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Podcast 104 - the best and worst of music.

Another episode of podcastpaul, this time featuring the best and worst of music. Ever heard music that literally brings tears to your eyes? Hear the geezer in the picture on my blog at and every chap will wince.... no really.

I talk about 5 days with Apple and your opportunity to win a £900 box set of final cut pro. Some different music this week:

from the podsafe music network: Robert Farrell; Woolly Mammoth, Karmyn Tyler, Driftiing (thanks for the link Kenny!)
From BBC Archives; Alessandra Moschrati.
From Magnatunes Dead Star, Self Delusion. Last, but certainly not least - Benet McLean / Chris Dodd; Cliche for another day. Thanks to Andy Baker for the link, and sorry for not mentioning Steve Washington's exceptional drumming. That boy can certainly play - well, they all can, obviously!
I talk about the Castrati, Apple and lots of other stuff too.
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ciao bellas!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing the Karmyn Tyler song, Paul.
As always, all the music you featured was great. I liked the 'castrati' singer too. Mind you, what a price to pay to reach those high notes...oh ya !!

podcastpaul said...

You could get him in for some of the Soprano bits eh Ken?

ouch...made my eyes water listening to and think about it.