Thursday, April 13, 2006

podcast105 - trouble and strife

Download MP3 file here :podcastpaul 105

Sue here: I'm doing my very first show notes how exciting!! Today on the show we mostly talked about
snoring, and what that little tube is called at the back of your nose (not your particular nose you's nose!) The CPAP machine that Paul is currently using has made a massive difference, the house is quiet at night! We also chatted briefly about meeting some Britcasters in London, and how not many people actually look like their photos on the Forums! Also he teases me about not being able to work out regional accents, and laughs at me cos I thought Rhod from the BBC was Scottish.....Guess what he IS scottish!!!

The music we played was from the Podsafe Network:
Lovin by Beau Hall
Get Over Her by Robin Stine
and Jack and Billy by 3 Blind Mice


Geek Girl UK said...

well done Sue! Keep it up - great show!! My Paul's not let me write any show notes yet! Duh!!


Nic Treadwell said...

Hey Sue and Paul,

Really enjoyed the last show, it was hilarious in places. I was sat on the train on the way to work listening and I giggled out loud a couple of times. My fellow passengers must have thought me mad. Keep up the good work. You work well together.

3 Blind Mice said...

Hi Podcast Saul & Poo - we've just been catching up on our listening and I fell off the chair laughing. Thank you for getting our weekend off to a cracking start.