Sunday, April 09, 2006

A day in London with the BBC and some of the Britcast crew.

Yesterday I met a whole bunch of podcasting folks at the BBC - we then went off to a local pub ( Me drinking a diet Coke - emphasize the word diet ) for a chat and a few drinks.

The Britacster forum is a year old - I cannot believe that the online community is so.... old so quickly!

At any rate, it was great to meet up with some old and new faces.

We all got to meet up with Chris Vallance and Rhod from Five live - these two pics are from inside historical Televison Centre at White City, London. The first picure is taken from a second floor looking out onto the shop floor as it were.

The second picture (dead opposite) is lookinng into the Five Live Studio where Up All Night is recorded - as well as Simon Mayo's popular chat programme - so popular in fact I don't know the name of it...

Suddenly my Alesis Mixer doesn't seem so great any more. There was more stuff packed into here than you can shake a stick at.

I was surprised at the general office layout - it reminded me, somewhat depressingly of the head office of a large insurer I once represented.

I can't stand open plan offices, they are the most terrible things to work in. Thank the Lord for that large piece of wood in my office I call a door.

This picture is such a familiar sight to anyone from the UK - Television Centre. Home of the

BBC. Such a horrible looking building, but one that is so comfortingly familiar.

It's so odd to stand in the spot I did and take this photograph.

Just who, may I ask, is this reprobate?

Of course, it is none other than the softly spoken Paul Pinfield sporting a top to a podcast cult hero, Roger Smalls. Or, is this Roger Smalls? You never see Paul and Roger in the same room, come to think if it.

This person opposite is Chris Vallance, we were all a bit disappointed not to see a large red letter 'S' on his chest as he began to peel back his top, for those who can't read the tiny writing, the motif reads "Hollywood, we have a podcast". Chris, as you can see, was sitting next to half of Neil.

Phil Coyne is just in the background. I'm not sure if he was wearing a purple top, or if that was the exposure of my camera.

The emptying beer glasses were testament to the fact that we were coming to the end of our meeting. Conrad Slater ( Spainful films ) slept gently on one hand as Paul Pinfield munched his way through the dips you see on the table.

My pictures are so dreadful, I never seem to capture the subject matter carefully. Just in shot is Dean ( Deek Deekster on the forums ) I learnt during the course of the meet that he's not only a bass player, he's one half of the magic that goes into producing the John Cleese podcast. Yep, you heard that right - John Cleese has a podcast. Blimey!

I love Janet parkinson's face on this pic... and the compsoition as it is so unrepresentative; Janet appears to be scorning Adrian 'no mates' Pegg who appears to be sitting in the corner on his own.

Adrian, bless him, is actually everyone's mate.

I think Adrian was just shell shocked at the thought that his wife; Felicity had gone off to the West end with mine for a 'shopping spree'. I know I sat, sans wallet wondering what on earth the girls would come back with...


mark - said...

Interesting to see Chris wearing the t-shirt of one of my favourite podcasts, the Hollywood Podcast -

stupod said...
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stupod said...

why is there no edit feature on blogger!!


Glad to hear that you had a good time at the Beeb matey. :D

Would of liked to of joined you and the others too but unfortunately I had to meet up with an Estate agent.

all the best