Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why Shhhhhh???

I'm certainly not going to be all secretive. I'm happy to set out my stall.

I'd an idea and someone - who will remain nameless - said "keep that under wraps!"


I've said before that I don't really think advertising and podcasts work. Well, I'm very happy to put money where the mouth is. If I'm right, I'll know shortly!

I've approached a number of great UK podcasts to network an advert for the practice where I'm an associate; Smith Jones. Only one podcaster has such an aversion that he would not like to participate - the others have very happily agreed.

Just one or two things to iron out (i.e get round to recording) and we'll see. No fanfare, no constant blogging, banners, banter, or Shhhh!!!! I get cheesed off with talk. Talk is cheap. I like action, I think because I'm a restless sort who is terribly impatient. I've seen so many parked domain names, heard so much of what folks are going to do. Yawn...

It's exactly the same in law, I presume in any industry really.

Wonder if it'll work though?

It'll be a great experiment to see how this all goes. If it goes great... well... great. If it doesn't, well...still great. At least I've tried it and so have some other good folks too.

The excellent thing about this medium is that it is so fast moving. It's great to see innovation, movement and folks doing stuff.

I mentioned in PUM that the plateau isn't here yet, there seems to be one peak after another. Thank goodness for never ending peaks... will they end?

I'm still enjoying it!


Phil said...

Paul - it's all about PR mate and yet again what works for some may not work for everyone. There was secrecy with PodcastCon, why should it be any different for people organising events or other podcast related things?

Just like this "networking". I don't see the logic in it myself, but good luck with it!

See you Saturday.

jEN said...

Impatient? You must be terrible for Christmas prezzies! ;)

podcastpaul said...

..I am terrible for Christmas - I ALWAYS find out what I'm getting!

Martin GD said...

Bahhh Humbug :) Wanna know a secret? Listen to my show on Friday 6th April*

*Ok so it was a blatant plug for my show and there aren't any secrets only information we haven't ....oh nooooooooooooo I'm turning into AC lol

Bernadette in Australia said...

We call those folks "gunners" Paul. As in "I'm gonna do (insert plan here)..." . If your Aussie accent is really broad gonna is said like gunner.

Anway they annoy the heck out of me too. Good on you for giving it a go...if it works great and if not at least you'll have an answer.