Sunday, April 16, 2006

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Simon Apple are - well a phenomenon really. What an amazing stable of musicians. Pick your influence, it's all there!

Many thanks to Jeff Miller for his permission to play the tracks.

You can visit Simon Apple at their site here

With the stunning Karmyn Tyler - I listen to a preview of her album - the 'Summertime' cover sounds like a real belter.

I also play tracks from Benet McLean and review his CD; Cliches for another day (this boy can tickle the ivories like a dozen Liberace's!) Nic France; Benet's drummer certainly sounds handy too...

I finish proceedings with Kevin Reeves; Shine, the single track from the Podcast Music Network.


Anonymous said...

What a truly fabulous show. The best yet. Great musicianship, great writing, great singing. Top class in every way.

Karmyn Tyler said...

Paul, thank you so much for including me in your show today!! I am so honored! Wow!! And, you may play anything you wish!! :)

Padger said...

I'm new to podcasts and was living under the impression that most of the music would be rough and ready unsigned indy bands (not that I am against such bands in principle). Imagine my surprise when I heard this. I thought they sounded a bit like Go West. Remember them? We Close Our Eyes on The Tube, remember?

Padger said...

I was talking about Simon Apple above by the way - just something about the production.

My favourite thing on the podcast was Benet McLean. If there are regular offerings of great jazz like that, I'll be a regular.

podcastpaul said...

Cheers Guys (and Girl!)

Ken - I knew that Simon Apple would be up your street.

Karmyn - Cheers mate! ;-) I didn't realise you had such a powerful voice - what a belting rendition of Summertime... struth. I will definitely be playing the live rendition of Amazing Grace - it was superb.

Padger - You can count on more jazz mate - Benet is absolutely ace.

karmyn tyler said...

Hi Paul,

Santa brought my mom a video ipod for Christmas and I have been downloading podcasts for her on it (and trying to teach her how to do it hee hee). I relistened to this show and wow, I had forgotten what nice things you said about me and I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your support of independent artists. You are just awesome!! Thanks for playing my album promo and even though it is not "podsafe", you can legally play clips of them. I appreciate your support!!