Sunday, April 02, 2006

Today I have mostly been listening to..

Eat right, Get Out of Breath with Chris, formally from England, then Montana...and soon to be England again. Without wishing to patronise Chris, he's a very brave bloke and I love his idea of logging his weight loss project from "a tub of lard to a greek adonis".

Actually, here's the thing: podcasting is sometimes about entertainment, but that's not the be all and end all. I use this comparison so much, it's done to death, but if you're into knitting - there's a whole community for you. Here, with Chris, it's something that really draws me in, you follow a real bloke's journey on a real path with real struggles without any of the glitz and nonsense you usually see on the so called reality programmes. I enjoy the rawness of things like that. I aim to stick with Chris and I do seriously wish him well.

Maybe it's a subjective thing, but i like the idea of invesigation, journalism. Entertainment is great, but it doesn't necessarily draw me in as much as something that makes me think - that's why I like John Buckley's Dissident Vox so much. If you're reading this John, do more O.B stuff - your talking to the protesters outside Downing Street has to be a highlight, I remember sitting on a sunlounger just south of Barcelona totally drawn into the whole thing.

Next I listened to Paul Hopkins, an old mate of mine of 15 or 16 years. Knowing I have a real passion for choral music (nope, I've no idea where it comes from) he pointed me to his Lichfield Cathedral podcast under his VIpodcasting (visually iimpaired) site. I remember once,a few years ago now, stumbling into a college chapel in Oxford and hearing a choir practice with a quartet. I sat mesmerised and tearful for ages, I was so moved. This is a brilliant piece of O.B. - listen from about 16 minutes in, the quality of the recording is absolutely exceptional, as is the music. Paul's discussion with a Cherokee indian chief in Alabama from a recording he made some years ago is also a good one to listen to.

I've reviewed a couple of alternative podcasts that you may want to try out in the Podcast user Magazine, the third edition should be up soon after you read this post.


JanesDaddy said...

Thanks for the mention, Paul. The response to the first podcast has been truly amazing. One thing that I've discovered is that it's so much easier to do a podcast that's 'raw', with just a single music loop adding a tiny bit of musical interest (to break up the monotony of my voice). It doesn't take four hours to produce a 20 minute podcast, so it's more fun to do, and easier to stay regular.

And with the whole world watching my progress, it'll be almost impossible to fail.

VIpodcasting said...

Hi Paul

Thank you for your kind comments about my Podcast (Vipodcasting). I know we have had loads of discussions about quality and content and I've been inspired to go for both as a result of hearing your stuff over the last year or so.

Cheers Mate!