Friday, April 21, 2006

Back from holiday..

I'm back from holiday, I'm so pleased to be home, and oddly it's a part of every holiday I like.

To be frank, I was so tired and I was really pleased to just sit and relax.

On one of my days out, I took Harry ino Dunster (the Southwest of England) on a steam railway with my mate; Adam, his wife and their two lovely children; Charlotte and George.

Dunster is a wonderful place - and the steam railway a real place of nostalgia. Why is it that boys of all ages love steam trains?

Dunster itself was a really lovely picturesque place, rolling hills, century old walls and thatched houses - and to top it all off a castle at the top of a VERY steep hill.

We were lucky enough to walk past a tractor that was muck spreading - the small was horrific. A good 10 acres of ground had been covered in effluent, an unbelievable stench.

In this picture you can see the spray behind the tractor.

We virtually ran past the field, gagging and hoping that the tractor wouldn't come over our side of the field.

Our trip out was lovely though - walking through ancient streets and my being able to spend some really lovely quality time with Harry.

A picture of Harry at the station, waiting to get onto the train.

He did enjoy himself, honestly, he really did...

see? The train ride was only five or ten minutes long. In typical English fashion, we had lovely weather, followed by rain, followed by lovely weather, follwed by...well, you get the drift.

This was the entrance to Dunster Castle, at £7.5o a time to walk around the ruin, we were quite content to simply explore Dunster a little more, have a milk shake, a scone and cream and head back home.

What a great day!

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BB said...

Nice photo's Paul. Harry's such a little sweetie!