Monday, March 27, 2006

podcast 103 - with Sue

It's another late night show, this time it features Sue, my wife.

Download the MP3 of Podcast Paul's 'Podcast 103 direct from here.'

We talk about loads of stuff and play some pretty great music too, we also mumble and talk rubbish in parts as well...

We talk about:

Sue's terrible taste in music
Kids, they're lovely when they're young, then go horrible, then....even worse
Mikes Haircut... thinking he's unique
What we were like when we were 17
Clothes we used to wear
Blake's 7 - how awful it was (yet brilliant because it was so awful)
Butterflies with Wendy Craig and Leonard..
Hill Street Blues, Cheers, Frasier and Friends
Top Of The Pods
Sues Top 10 list
Sues B B Bionic secret knock

music from:

3 blind mice - the egg, (podsafe music network)
Andy Baker - Three Rivers (direct from Andy)
The Kokoon - Tied (from Magnatunes)
Andy Baker - Silent Sorrow (direct from Andy)
Gum - Tomorrow (podsafe music network)


Paul said...

1. Simon & Garfunkel are probably the most complete musical duo of the 20th century.

2. Be careful mate, Sue will have your job. She did really well. Things are looking good for our plan...

Colin Meeks said...

Paul, if Sue loves S&G buy her a copy of Mike Viola's live album, Just Before Dark. You can read a review here.


Anonymous said...

Me likes The Kokoon and Sue :D

Both good finds fella :)


dvox said...

What a thouroughly enjoyable show! I listened with Mrs Vox! Sue was great, tho' her mic was a little quiet.. The banter was excellent and we enjoyed the last tune especially. Nice one! :)

Bernadette from Australia said...

Great show with your wife Paul...although you really shouldn't be so mean to her...there's nothing wrong with Blake's 7 OR Simon & Garfunkel (although I will agree that Friends was pretty awful). However, a bloke who admits to wearing eyeliner should watch who's taste he calls rubbish :)

Maybe there should be a sue-on-her-own podcast where she can tell us all your secrets and poke fun at your taste :)

SWB said...

Have to agree with Paul. Neil Diamond sucks rock. Have to agree with Sue. Simon and Grafunkel aren't that bad!

3 Blind Mice said...

Sue, you really made us laugh! More please.

In answer to Paul's question about "The Egg", yes it refers to Tonbridge, which is where Alex grew up, not very happily. But he's not singing about a restaurant, or Jack & the Beanstalk. Tee hee.

Keep it up, you two.

Thom Turner said...

Great show Sue and Paul, hope it's a trend. You have inspired every podmans spouse to get her own show or aat least participate in his- good work!