Sunday, March 26, 2006

In bed with...

...the lap top.

It's nearly midnight and I'm tired. I usually stay up and do a podcast. Not tonight.

Lying down in the near darkness can make you become a bit introspect and ponder. Not tonight. I feel more reflective.

I wondered why it is that I blog and podcast and devote so much time and effort to this. I'm not really sure there's a complex answer. You don't need to be introspect and silly - I've seen a little of that recently and shy away from it.

Some folks always want to do an Oprah Winfrey and drag out all sorts of negative emotions. Am I an egotist, desperately craving attention, fame and fortune? You know, I honestly believe there are some folks that believe that. 'No' is the emphatic answer. Not at all.

I was raised in a very poor Birmingham neighbourhood. We had no double glazing, no central heating, no telephone and no television. I was actually quite a shy kid, but I knew what I wanted, I remember being moved by two things - illegal as it was then) two way radio and music. I was fascinated that I could speak to folks and even more fascinated to hear them talk back. I've never lost the buzz for either.

I do this because I find it great fun and a real privilege to be able to share music and thoughts with you all. This experience has mostly been wonderful, I've met some fantastic folks, heard some great music and learnt lots along the way.

So, when I read the navel gazing posts dotted around linked with the gloom of things fading away, I just shake my head. It isn't fading round these parts. Hope we all enjoy the ride together.

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