Thursday, March 16, 2006

podcast102 podcastpaul It's been too long since my last podcast folks..

Podcast 102 - it really has been far too long since I last spoke to you all.

Download the MP3 here

As ever some rip-roaring music that you won't neccesarilly hear from anywhere else. If it's great I'll play it - if it's ok but very popular, I won't.

Jim from Seattle - Welcome, courtesy of Nick from the homegrown podcast - cheers mate! I bet you'll be humming this, it will absolutely drive you mad.
Mind has a mind - Laurence Elder (podcast music network)
Artificial The West Exit (
Oh Holy God - Kyiv Chamber Choir - WOW!!! This brought tears to my eyes (
Magnified - Very Large Array ( I forgot to say, but do these guys remind you of Echo and The Bunnymen? Great running bass!

Thanks for the positive comments about new music Friday - I love it too.
Cheers to paul Pinfield from the Calmcast. Listen out for the brilliant project I'm sworn to secrecy about in a few months... my lips are sealed
Should I buy a license? Why not?
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stupod said...

Hello Paul x Paul :)

I really enjoyed the podcast. Please check out my little blog about it on



Adrian Pegg said...

Terrific Paul - where DO you get this stuff?

Welcome back!

podcastpaul said...

I really delve around Adrian!!


..and just about to check your blog Geoff.