Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thank God it's...Tuesday

Download the MP3 here - New Music Friday with PodcastPaul

Thank God it's...er...Tuesday...

Welcome to New Music Friday Show no. 1 - the show for that Friday feeling you can download and listen to any day. Minimal chat and bucket loads of amazing music.

Fantastic music from the Podcast Music Network and Magnatunes:

Your face is not enough by 3 Blind Mice
Surrounded by You -by Laurence Elder
Listen to the radio by Tom Robinson
What Planet by Fluid
Like a magnet by Amplifico
So Easy by Laurence Elder

Huge thanks to Bernie for giving me the idea! Now go and play these great tunes in your office every Friday...

Leave a mail for me at paul@podcastpaul.com or simply by leaving a message here on the blog.

I love this!



Bernadette from Australia said...

You're welcome to the idea Paul...least I could do after all the great music from you (and Bitjobs and Tartan Podcast).

I think I'm going to start a New Music Friday political party now. We're in the middle of local elections here (our state not the whole country) and the parties are both driving us all nuts with their ho hum waffle and empty promises...last Friday as we were all listening to our new music and munching home made scones and hashing out the week's office problems we thought we should get the whole state involved in New Music Friday and it would get everyone talking to each other and we could sort out all our petty problems and we wouldn't need the politicians at all any more.

Well we can dream eh?

Anyway...thanks for more great music Paul...I'm starting to think of my life in terms of BP and AP - before podcasting and after podcasting (or maybe before Paul and after Paul)

podcastpaul said...

Aww bless mate!

Sorry - the posting had the audio file removed at first instance - all fixed now I am pleased to say.

I ABSOLUTELY love this new format for a drivetime / chilled feel. I promise there will be plenty more of these around the corner.

Cheers for the idea Bernie.

Isn't Laurence Elder just awesome?

Jason (Manchester) said...

Hi Paul,
Great show - love the music. I am fully of the impression that this podcasting is really pulling out the talent in people and it's so nice to hear that there are so many great people in podcast land, just remember don't be a podfader!

Podfader is a new word and means 'when a podcaster gets fed up and gives up podcasting'.

Don't fade away!

podcastpaul said...

I actually posted a response to the podfader article Jason.

I said words to the effect of the fact that if anything, I am more enthusiastic now, a year and 3 months on and doing far more - it's just the time I don't seem to have.

I find that podcasts are best listened to while driving or DIY-ing at home. How do you listen to them, anyone reading this post?

3 Blind Mice said...

Bernie, thanks for coming up with the idea. Paul, thanks for following up on it. And thanks, of course for your support.

Parkylondon said...

Great while I'm doing the house work on a saturday! Great selection - keep it up thanks!


podcastpaul said...

Blimey for a moment I thought that was Paul.. housework?!?!

Cheers Jan

...and yes, I do the housework too!