Sunday, March 19, 2006

podcastpaul New Music Friday 2 - uploaded on Sunday

possibly the best music on the planet?

I've scouted out the very best independent music for you - and this week's selection is no exception. Some of the finest muic you'll hear in a very long time, neatly packaged here. The strap line is 'all about the music and nothing about the chat...'

Lovingly packaged with my personal 'integrity guarantee' - you will appear the most happening geezer in the company if you play these tunes on your work pc.

Corking music from:

St Christopher - Music that grooves podsafe music network
Brent Pocker - Fly Away podsafe music network
Arthur Yoria - My best routines magnatunes
MRDC - Believe magnatunes
Beau Hall - Never Gonna Make podsafe music network
Fumitaka Anzai - The Mermaid song - podsafe music network (not Magnatunes as I did say!)

I would LOVE to hear from you on this week's selection of music, do mail me, or leave a comment below please. Cheers.


bpende said...

Kinda like a wild merry-go-round ride. All kinds of genres packed in here. Thanks, man. Sounds great.

Adrian Pegg said...

Fabulous stuff Paul, as always.

podcastpaul said...

aww you boys!

Glad you liked it though, it's so ace concentrating on the tunes rather than the chat.

I feel a talky one coming on soon though!