Thursday, March 02, 2006

Adam Curry...

I attach below an email exchange I've had with Adam Curry.

I hate a bad air and thought it would be a really good idea to make amends. I fall out with so few people.

Hopefully we'll see Adam at the next podcastcon or featuring in the podcastusermagazine. It will however take a lot to overshadow the true star of the second edition; Roger Smalls!

It might actually be wise to point out that I have, many times been quite nice about Adam's stuff too. It was the silence that bugged me more than anything else as quite a bit goes on in the UK, yet you have to dig around to find out about it. Not so much now though, I'm pleased to say.


Email is a bloomin' nightmare, you need to read it from the bottom up:


Cool. Email sux. I hate it.



ok mate - done. I'll blog that later, that is a very good point. I'll even send you an audio comment. Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick? I thought you were really cheesed off with me.

Hmm. Email is perhaps a bit one dimensional.


From: Adam Curry To: paul nicholls (home) Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 12:56 PM Subject: Re: Apology. Paul,I never felt any of this. Either I never saw/hear it or maybe I'm just immune.What surprises me is that you are apologising privately. All your other gripes were public, so why not apologise publicly?AC


On 3/2/06, paul nicholls (home) <> wrote: Adam, I hate the fact that I feel we have been at odds with each other, particularly as I'd been listening to you since Sep / Oct 2004.

I remember you pre-Madge Weinstein that's how long I have been listening... I make no bones about the fact that I was really fed up with you because of a few things: podcastcon in the UK and my thinking that you were not taking an interest and your irritation with podcastusermagazine. Don't however think I'm patronising you, or putting a condition on my writing to you. Please don't think I'm patronising, I absolutely promise you I'm not.

I hate feeling down on people and the one thing I don't want to do is keep you at arms length - I was so miffed I even stopped listening to you, until today. I really did enjoy listening again.

I had been annoyed previously, I'd also moaned about you and even blogged about it. I'm all over that now and hope you receive this mail in the spirit it's sent.

When I look back, perhaps I should have acknowledged the fact that you're a busy bloke, and we here in the UK are, no doubt about it a little behind the US in terms of where we are with podcasting right now. The UK scene is getting bigger and better, as I'm sure you know.

I really do not want you thinking that there's a wedge to drive, I promise you there isn't. I just wanted to grow up and write to you from my gut.

The podcast world does seem to be a small one and with that in mind, I'm sure we will bump into each other along the way. The offer is still open for you to do a piece for the magazine - or to speak at the next podcastcon, however, this time I temper that with knowing what a busy bloke you are.

With kind regards.



Anonymous said...

I'm really not picking on you Paul here because I've been caught by this too BUT...I do worry that this podfather thing is really becoming a scary reality. EVERYONE seems to want Adam's approval, like he's their Dad or something...and guys get really annoyed when it doesn't happen or their voice goes unheard.

Just recently on the show there's been so many examples of listeners 'desperate to be heard' - from the guy that was suggesting to AC that the Metrosexual Moment would work really well after his audio comment (I was just waiting for the slam down from AC and of course it came - "Don't tell me how to run my ****ing show"), to the guy who got really upset because his promo wasn't played and sent in a voice comment the following day saying so!

AC is without doubt the most influential and vocal person in the podcast world so it's understandable that we all want to associate with him but sometimes I think it gets a little crazy. As AC himself has said on the DSC, when someone reaches celebrity status, their fans start projecting their problems, fears and anxieties on to the celebrity. Just food for thought.

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