Saturday, March 29, 2008

Social Media Takeover?

Yesterday morning, Sue and I lay in bed, she was using the laptop chatting to her friends in an online forum and I was using the iPod touch to chat to mine on Twitter.

Christian (16) Jack (13) Mike (19) and even Harry (7) have social networks where they catch up with their friends. Harry uses 'Club Penguin' to feed his 'puffles' and the other three seem to chat endlessly to their mates about music, girls, and whatever takes their fancy.

Just sitting, taking a moment, isn't this all a bit sterile? My family do of course talk to each other, but I'm beginning to worry about the time we're all cumulatively spending on line. It's nice to catch up, but it is, really, a mammoth waste of time. I don't need to blog, I don't need to talk about the things I do online necessarily.

Isn't talking to each other enough? When I talk here, I of course talk generically, I include you, after all. you're reading this.

I've a million and one things to do and they need doing now. So why am I telling you this and not getting up and doing them? Dunno. Force of habit I imagine.
I think, analysing this post that I probably spend far too much time on line and really must moderate what I'm doing. I need tody to cut the grass, fix the curtain rail (again!), see if can find out whether or not my wallet was found at the Twitter meet up last night.... organise a service for the boiler (that's the hot water boiler, not Sue) and the list goes on and on...

So, can I moderate what I'm doing? Haven't a clue, but I'm going to try and it starts today.

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Adrian Pegg said...


I love your propensity to lurch wildly between enthusiastically engaging in every possible online activity known to man or geek, and deciding to withdraw because it's all pointless!

You're full of surprises, that's for sure...