Wednesday, March 05, 2008

morning musing

It's a beautiful sunny cold crisp March morning as I type this blog entry.

I'm working from home today, lots to do, but when I'm in the mood, it's a pleasure rather than a chore.

Emily, my 11 week old cocker spaniel is sitting curled up on my lap, pretty contented too. She's been a joy in the main (apart from the very odd accident) and seems to be learning and coping really well. She's in and out of the dog flap, having lots of lovely walks in the morning (from Sue, not me!) and really is settling into the family well. We've a cat named Oliver (he always wants more food) and a fish whose name I cannot recall but is something to do with Doctor Who. I'm not a great animal lover, but I do love Emily and still miss Tilly, my old trusted cocker so much.

A lovely steaming hot cup of tea is smoldering into the sun's rays at the side of me and I'm working safe in the knowledge that at 1pm today I go to a celebration lunch at a Michelin star restaurant to celebrate a big High Court win from Monday. Unfortunately I'm not permitted to talk about the action even though it was in open court. It's just satisfying to know that the hard work of some years now means that the 8 crates of 40 lever arch files can gather dust in the cellar for 6 years before being subject to the waste incinerator.

Work is really busy, I've a mammoth five trials this March, hopefully a couple will settle I'm sure.

Everywhere I look in my house I see a DIY job, I must be geting older as I'm actully quite looking forward to doing them (?) When one talks of work / life balance does it mean that you should be as ludicrously busy in the home as you are at work? I'm sure its the same for us all, and you're probably nodding your head as you read this post.

I'm still losing weight... at my heaviest point last year to now I've lost 32 pounds and I'm still losing weight. The conservatory is becoming ever full with rowing machines, weights, exercise benches, etc etc. I really must start using them! I'm finding a new wardrobe of clothes from a few years back and finding that some of my bigger clothes are now just too big. Weird.

A podcast is in the offing, I promise.

Anyway, time to sign off - companies to sue, trials to prepare for etc!


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