Sunday, March 02, 2008

good nature?

Sorry this sounds cryptic. It's a marker post for me, and a general reminder when I review my blog.

If you're good natured and willing to help, or even be thoughtful, be ready to be misconstrued and dumped on.

If you're generous, be ready to be made a mug of, and seriously taken for granted.

Sadly you need to put yourself first and say no when your instinct tells you yes. Acts of kindness can make you appear odd sometimes. I'm afraid that being forthright is something I'm going to be from now. I hate being used and made a mug of.

Rant over.


paulpinfield said...

Does that mean you want you £1 million back Paul...

Anonymous said...

No, why should you change and stop being kind and considerate ? It's the world that's wrong not you. Say no by all means, but don't change who you are. They win then.