Wednesday, March 05, 2008

British Democracy in tatters.

I was sickened at the very suggestion that the people of the UK are precluded from a referendum on their very future. I am polaxed that our Government have taken that opportunity from us.

The Government secured the opportunity to steam roller over what is thought to be the popular vote of the nation - to say no.

Labour clearly and absolutely promised a vote. So did the Liberals. So what has changed?

We've an unelected Prime Minister wreaking havoc. The very fabric of our country is being chipped away.
I'm disgusted and entirely disillusioned at what I thought was the most democratic country in the world.

What an absolute farce. I have never thought so seriously at emigration.

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paulpinfield said...

Paul, I entirely agree with your thoughts and feelings on this one.

The spinelessness of Parliament is sickening.