Friday, March 21, 2008

A law unto myself - an audio book by Paul Nicholls

Download the MP3 of a law unto myself entirely free from here

Wow! Here goes, the first chapter of a novel devised and read by me.

I've always loved Rumpole of the Bailey, but thought that it was probably a bit highbrow for many. In my book, Nick Poulson, an average Joe fights for the good of the common man - as a common man at a little firm of solicitors in leafy Kenlworth.

All of the stories are true experiences with a touch of artistic licence. I've completely anonymised clients and actions and drawn from stories that have touched me.

I've tried to write in the style of the James Herriot books to give my audience a peek into the daily life of an English lawyer.

I do hope you enjoy it.


all rights reserved : A law unto myself copyright Paul Nicholls 2008.

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Bernadette in Australia said...

Hey Paul - glad to hear some non sci-fi audio fiction. My most memorable image of English lawyers is from the TV series This Life back in the late 90's which all seemed to be about sex and drinking - glad to hear there's some law going on as well :) Looking forward to the next chapter