Saturday, July 22, 2006

podcast119, the interiew with Mark Hunter

Download the MP3 of Podcast 119 here

- Hello from Paul on 22nd July 2006
- Brain Buckit - Let the Boogie Loose
- It's thundering!
- Colskee is back..
- Trip down to London
- Comedy stuff coming up - with a real difference.....
- Adrian's interview with Tartanpodcast's Mark Hunter pt 1
- Paul Rose, Man of Mystery - bloomin ace too!
- Adrian's interview pt 2
- Oh Face by Beau Hall (PMN)


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

I like the man of mystery song.
It sounds a bit like the theme from Tales of the unexpected meets Iron Maiden to me :)

all the best fella


Grant said...

Hi Paul,

Just catching up on Adrian's interview with Mark and heard you rave about 'Man of Mystery'and how much it sounds like Hank Marvin. It doesn't just sound like Hank Marvin, it was originally done by Hank Marvin and the Shadows (in 1960 I think; well before my time!).

Here's a link to a preview on Amazon



podcastpaul said...

Ah, my mistake, Paul did say - good though eh!?