Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why are the Welsh so wrong about Rugby?

Look at the comments on Ryan Jones' blog here If you're wondering why he got it so wrong, I'll enlighten the unenlightened; he plays for Wales.

Let's look again at the comments eh?

"The creaks in the Australian scrum are not as prevalent as they have been in the recent past, but the set piece remains the area England must pinpoint to exert pressure on their opponents. Vickery will need to be the heart of that effort.

More crucial than that, though, will be his leadership skills. He stood behind his captain, Martin Johnston, in the final four years ago as the Leicester man led from the front and set an example for his troops. Vickery will have to be as talismanic in Marseille on Saturday as Johnson was in 2003 if England are going to keep the defence of their trophy alive.Australia have a devastating backline and, with an ample supply of possession, could cut England to ribbons.

But to do so they will be reliant on the continued form of rookie fly-half Berrick Barnes."

Sorry, mate, yet another stupid, load of old tosh that frankly irritates the whatsits out of me and some might call xenophobic. You were wrong mate and the comments that follow endorse that. The creaks in the Australian scrum were so loud, I looked for the megaphones that were amplifying them. In fact, there weren't creaks, there were collapses, loads of them. They were desperately, desperately embarassing.

And Berrick Barnes? Berrick who? Berwick - on Tweed?

My Welsh colleague at work once said he'd rather support Argentina than England. Many of my Welsh friends will regaile with me with tales of the England weaknesses. Thanks for that, but I sat at Twickenham a few months ago and watched England beat, sorry, crucify, no, demolish Wales 62 -5. So, when I looked a littlemore than bored and disinterested, I do have reason.

But why is WRU so .... idiotic? I remember once hearing Jonothan Davies commentate that the Welsh were playing a clever game by allowing the English to take a lead in the game I watched, I couldn't believe my ears. I seem to remember the Welsh were getting another stuffing on that outing........again.

I'm English first, British second, I'd always plumb for a British team in any contest and shake my head in amazement at the childish way that other Brits sometimes behave.

Just watch the Welsh (I'm sorry - and some Irish and Scots too) start to buy French shirts and do everything but back the English. How sad. There are, of course, the sensible element that do back England, but there's a significant minority, or even majority that won't.

France played so well against a strong All Blacks side today. Let's see how things pan out next week.

Come on England!!!

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