Saturday, October 06, 2007

England 12 - Australia 10.

Australia are re-acquainting themselves with Qantas. England have just ordered another plate of snails.

What a superb game - the picture says it all really.

The Australians jeered and sneered before the game, particularly Australian Coach; John Connolly who wasn't too kind about poor old Regan suggesting he had nasty side and broke the rules. How many times did the Ozzies collapse the scrum, and how many punches were thrown by the Wallabies?

Connolly's stupid outburst reminds me of that old saying; 'better to keep your mouth shut and make a person think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove any doubt.'

I hope Connolly's words stick in his throat every time he looks at his miniature Eiffel Tower on his mantelpiece. Regan played a great game.

The English tabloid press largely wrote off the English pack. Johnny wilkinson on the other hand simply commiserated with the Australian team in his very English way.

What a fantastic world cup this had been.

Roll on France - or New Zealand.......

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