Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Half of new jobs go to migrants....

That's the headline from today's BBC news site.

From the site:

"Ministers do not know where foreign national workers are from

More than half of new jobs created under Labour since 1997 have gone to foreign workers, it has emerged.
The government had previously claimed the majority of new jobs had been filled by British workers.

This appeared to be supported by figures released on Monday, despite the government admitting it had underestimated the number of migrants.

But it later put out a clarification suggesting 52% - or 1.1 million - of new jobs created had gone to migrants.

........But the government's figures were "chaotic" and they proved it was "difficult to keep track of everyone

..........Shadow Pensions Secretary Chris Grayling said: "This situation just gets worse; it's clear we simply can't trust the figures or statements put out by the government on migrant workers in the UK. "

There's loads of discussion about this - migrants will generally work harder and fill the menial posts that some Brits apparently won't take. It was thought that workers would come and go - they don't. They stay and more come - and more, and more, and more. Ludicrous immigration laws and policies see a staggering amount of refugees. Some are undoubtedly genuine. Some undoubtedly are not. Some who are sent home are, incredibly 'lost' in the system.

I'm not overtly political, I do follow current affairs closely, but things here have got to change fast.

What I do know is that taxation is ridiculously high (and by that I mean direct and indirect taxation). The National Health Service is creaking under the strain of the new influx of migrants (a report on the BBC Today programme this morning). Insurance is rocketing, mortgage payments are increasing and the streets are an unwelcoming place for all, particularly children. Ironically, the immigrants of the 50's and 60's suffer the most - they were wrongly unwelcomed when they came, and now, after a long, hard work life, suffer again.

We open our doors to members of the EU who become entitled to state welfare, housing and other benefits. A tiny island with a once unrivaled economy is dying on its feet. If I were from a poorer EU country why wouldn't I travel to the UK? I certainly would, and I would be attracted by the benefits. The problem is that we just cannot cope and this has to stop.

Benefits are handed out at an all time high to many, including the native population while many of those retired and pensioned who have worked here throughout their working life are living in desperate means. Yet the government coffers are emptying at an alarming rate.

Our pension system has been raped and plummeted. Money I've paid into a pension for 22 years is now virtually worthless, despite being lured into that with false promises by the Government.

There aren't enough houses being built, benefits mean that some people are actually worse off by taking work (what's all that about?!!) and gas is over £4 ($8) a gallon.

Knife and gun crime are up - apparently there's a knife crime every 24 minutes.

Despite that, Britain is still a beautiful place with a fantastic rich heritage and history. Why the Government is intent on handing over sovereignty without taking a census from it's people baffles me. The Government has sold the fabric of Britain from under the feet of its people.

Great Britain? Shafted Britons more like....

Cultural diversity is one thing. Allowing the country to fall apart, and having the population pay for it without any say is the worst crime of all the sorry tales above.


Deek Deekster said...

"The Government has sold the fabric of Britain from under the feet of its people." True, but The Great Sell Off started with Thatcher... this lot are just carrying on her tradition by flogging the family silver..

podcastpaul said...

I agree entirely Dean. It wasn't particularly subtle with the Iron Lady, yet this lot have done more to hive off the bits that we have left in a shorter period and in such a terribly underhand way.