Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hi there,

I'm ever so sorry I've not been around for a bit. Work is as busy as ever and the laptop has been out of action for a week or so. I'm sitting typing on the old lap-top with a new keyboard and a brand new screen, bizarre really as I thought they'd just replace the whole unit.

Anyway, time marches on, I'm heading ever closer to that big birthday in mid December and I'm absolutely desperate for every weekend that comes along. My new friend is a tension headache that I can't shake that worsens every time I wake in the early hours around 1 - 2 am.

Why is life so stressful?

I paid £1.05 for a litre of deisel, or to our American counterparts, over $8 for a gallon of gas at the weekend.

It just doesn't seem to get any easier does it?


Deek Deekster said...

you want to check that tension headache out at the doc mate unless it shifts pronto

podcastpaul said...

Cheers Dean, have done now..