Sunday, October 07, 2007

podcast162 Rugby, London, chat and music from the Brummy bloke

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podcastpaul podcast no162
7th October 2007
MUSIC: UrbanSpaceLab - Picture Perfect
Rugby green light for England, in their fantastic win over the Aussies. Next week we face France
Come on England!
Wayne Barnes is not a happy name in the average NZ household, sorry Clinton Gaille (listener from NZ)!
Interesting to see the NZ headlines - - lead story.
MUSIC: Stephanie Seskin - Chill now
New Jersey artist with a penchant for Yes and Genesis - lovely!
Played this morning at a 550 seater - brilliant! Love drums, but I'm now stone deaf
Christian's band are recording shortly - listen out on the show for some of their tracks.
Do you play? Send in your stuff!
MUSIC: Hurting - Paul Rose from forthcoming album; Promises.
Paul playing with Hollow Horse in a collaboration! wow!
You Tube, a great tutor
Who do you look up?
Some great bands - Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, classic 80's stuff.... Mark King, Victor Wooton, Mick Karn for bass - Tony Royster Jr, Dave Weckl for drums
MUSIC - 3 blind mice. Baby all
3BM - the band that never, ever let you down. Every tune an absolute classic. Always there to pull some genius out of the bag.
Getting close to Christmas and the big 4-0.
Time just goes so quick!
Work 0 looking at mediation.
London - what a beautiful place..
great place to listen to This week in London with Paul Parkinson on the tube!
Sign off
MUSIC: East of West - Ride the Fade.


Bernadette in australia said...

Hey Paul

Good on you for beating "us" at the Rugby. I'm not a follower of the sport but I figure the best team won on the day. Although if you read the papers here there's lots of excuses about why "we" lost that have nothing to do with the English being a better team on the day :)

I'm staring down the barrell of the big 4-0 too. As I hit the magic number a couple of weeks before you I'll let you know if it's too awful to give you a chance to buy a time machine or find some other way to not experience it.

Cheers, Bernadette

podcastpaul said...

How did it go Bernie? You there yet?!